About Cita

Cita Aircargo has very good cooperative relationships with all the domestic and international airlines to enhance our customized and quality shipping service to our customer. Unlike other merchandise, perishable goods are more likely to rotten, therefore needs extra care during shipment. Our dedicated professionals in flight and route planning, cost saving, risk reducing, time and temperature control for the merchandise and all of our exemplary performance have been bestowed with many awards and built us an remarkable reputation in the air cargo industry.


Cita Aircargo has more than 30 years of experience. Because we understand the critical importance of each shipment and how much it means to your business, this is why we ask all of our staffs to treat our customers and their merchandise as the most important asset and provide them the best and reliable quality service to meet our target goal of “Efficiency”, “Reliable” and “Satisfaction”.


Cita Aircargo Ltd. Co. was founded in 1974 in Taipei. We provide professional perishable cargo shipment and custom brokerage service. We are the largest perishable cargo shipping company in Taiwan. 


Perishable Professional

Unlike other companies where perishable goods takes only partial of their cargos, Cita's shipment is 100% perishable goods. Cita provides most efficient service, strictly temperature control procedure and Off-load prevention service.

We have accumulated more than 40 years of experience, we are the largest perishable cargo shipping company in Taiwan.

Box of Fresh Fish
Air Carrier Booking

Sufficient Cargo Spaces

Cita ships more than 1000 tons of cargos to Japan each month, therefore Cita maintains great relationships with all the airlines, whether in peak or off-peak season, Cita has the best ability to obtain cargo spaces from all airlines.

Price Advantage

Since Cita has a great relation with all the airlines, we can offer a more competitive price and service, helping you with your business.


Airport Service

We have the most staffs in the airport to provide the best service 24/7 all year long, which is an exclusive service within the industry. With 5 of them worked for our company for more than 25 years. In the case of emergency, we can provide the most promptly, efficiently and experienced service.


Market Share Rate

Since we have over 50% of the market share in the eel, tuna, flower and fruit exporting markets, it allows us to have a more advantageous influence whether with airlines, warehousing or customs.

Analyzing the data


For our cooperating customers, we uphold the principle of absolute confidentiality. We can also sign a confidentiality agreement and even stipulates penalties.

Reaching a Deal