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In Cita, you can always find someone 24/7 to help you with your cargos.

Perishable goods are different from ordinary goods, they have temperature and time restrictions,

Cita is always here to service you.

Cita is full of most experienced staffs, providing the most reliable service. 

Cargo Custom


  • Cita specialize in perishable cargo custom clearance.

  • Professional customs clearance service for fresh fruits, seafood, frozen vegetables, flower, ornamental fish, body and any live animals or plants.

  • Professional custom clearance service for pet import and export.


  • Application for “Conventional on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora”(CITES)

  • Animals and Plants Quarantine Procedure --- Veterinary Certificate

  • Application for Certificate of Origin

  • Department of Health --- Human Body Import and Export Permit

  • Eel Production Management Certificate

  • Transit Permit

  • Negotiation Documentation

  • Product Inspection Application at the “Bureau of Standard, Metrology & Inspection”

Other Services

  • Provide the most efficient and cost effective shipping flight advice.

  • Japan custom clearance and delivery.

  • Other Perishable goods trading and custom clearance consulting.

  • Truck Arrangement

Goods Shipping

Cita specialize in perishable cargo shipments, including cut flowers, flower seedling, orchids, tuna fish, eel, fruits, pets, Japan wagyu, funeral shipment, abalone and tropical fish, etc.

Service Procedure

1. Inquiries

  • Confirm goods for shipment

  • Flight time and place. 

  • Acknowledge client the documents needed.

  • Quotation​

2. Document providing

Clients provide all the information and

documents needed for the shipment.

3. Service Provide

Cita provides all the necessary

service for shipping.

4. Cargo shipped

Cargo successfully shipped to the destination.


Airlines Cooperating


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